Sunday, February 5, 2012

Facts To Know About Green Printing

Most entrepreneurs see this as a great way to be easy on the environment without sacrificing their efforts to increase sales. As we all know, they gain new customers through distribution of brochures, flyers and other printed promotional materials.

Although this is the way to go in the print industry nowadays, some service providers still adhere to the traditional methods. This is because they find old techniques a lot cheaper than going green. These include the use of non-recycled papers, petroleum-based inks, and other toxic solvents. The bad thing about these is that deadly substances can get into the groundwater and the soil.

Green printing maybe challenging but it is very rewarding when faithfully observed. Participants to it enjoy a noble image as they carry out an admirable social responsibility to the environment. When people recognize you as a leader of such a cause, they are drawn to doing business with you than your competitors. If you are serious about this endeavor, ensure to hire the services of environment-friendly printing company.

Paper, inks, energy use and carbon offset are the four important factors you need to consider when looking for the appropriate service provider. Read on the following details and learn more on how to print green.

Green Paper And Inks

This does not necessarily mean they are green in color. Rather, they are made up of non-toxic materials. The specific paper to be used must be chlorine-free or fully recycled. Papers made from sustainably farmed sources and waste by-products are also available for use.

Inks that are vegetable-based are the best match for these papers. They are less toxic and safer to dispose of. A good service provider can give you advice on which paper and ink type will be the greenest option for your printing project without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

Energy-Efficient Machines

Publication companies are prone to the use up of huge amounts of energy. This affects the earth's ecological balance and the health of living things existing near each printing press. A green service provider is most likely to invest on machines that are energy-efficient in order to reduce the amount of wasted energy.

Carbon Neutralization Practice

Despite the use of green papers and inks and energy-efficient machines, there would still be emissions of carbon during each printing process. Responsible companies don't readily ignore them but try their best to offset or balance out their carbon emissions.

Doing business with a green printing company is definitely helpful to the environment. However, it is still best to promote a cleaner environment by avoiding publication of excess printed materials. This can reduce the possibility of wastage as unused resources are kept intact. It is wise then ask your service provider the ideal amount of print materials that would be sufficient for your marketing campaign. Observing such practice will at the same time be easy on the environment and on your pockets.