Sunday, February 12, 2012

Basics Of Product Label Design

It sets your merchandise apart from other brands in the supermarket. With this, making them appear distinct through a competitive product label design should be a part of your marketing campaign.

Following are the important things you should remember to make all your efforts work to your advantage.

Eye-Catching Color And Graphics

People usually remember a product through the color of its container or the appearance of its logo. It is best that you use color combinations that are visually appealing. Ensure your container's color and your logo's color don't clash. It would be wise to use your company color. If your company color is inappropriate to your merchandise, choose a color that can perfectly represent it.

Proper positioning of your brand name and logo should also be considered with product label design. Make their respective sizes complementary to each other. Make them recognizable as well. Check if they resemble your competitor's merchandise. If they do, make some adjustments to avoid confusion among customers.

Readable Fonts

It takes three seconds maximum for your merchandise to attract any consumer walking down the supermarket aisle. And so, your label must be readable at first glance. Besides the name of your merchandise, an identification of it in a maximum of three words must also be readable at a distance.

Choosing the right font is another thing to consider. Check online for unique types that are easy on the eyes. This is not only for your brand name but also for the instructions or nutritional facts at the back label. This is very important as most customers get frustrated when they cannot read these information.

Working Contact Numbers

Providing contact information is also part of product labeling. In fact, this serves as a great marketing tool. Having a website, a physical address and a phone line number creates an impression among your customers that you are not one of those fly by night companies. With a one liner, you can encourage your customers to join an online promotion about your product. This useful in keeping them updated about your brand.

Suitable Materials

As you already have a design, picking the right material would be your next challenge. It is essential that your design and your material would be in harmony. When it comes to the color of paper, white and related shades work best for most merchandire. Another one is the clear material which complements most colorful product containers. These two give you flexibility with the design because they combine well with any background. More so, they exude a sophisticated look.

When it comes to the finish, think of the image that you would want to convey. Glossy and matte are the top two choices for product label design. Merchandise aiming for a classic image, uses a matte material for its label. Those which aim for a flashy image, on the other hand, choose a glossy material. While glossy materials may look appealing, it can somehow affect the readability of the text printed on it.