Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Do We Need Car Insurance?

Why do we need car insurance? The only reason why we need car insurance is simply because we have car. Although it seems silly, it is true that the only reason to purchase car insurance is to protect our car from any single minor accident that may occur. What is called accident is any bad thing that may ruin your car. Accident happens whenever you are. It does not matter whether you are driving in a boulevard, or near the beach, or even right in front of your house, accident may happen. Moreover, whether it is simply a rash to a crash, it really does create domino effect. 

This domino effect occurs because even a very minor accident can affect your finance. For example, you just went out from your garage. Then, suddenly there is a car driven wildly that it breaks your rear-view mirror. If you do not have any insurance, surely you have to pay for the fee by your own money. Thus, you cannot go for holiday, for example, because it is impossible driving without rear-view mirror. Moreover, you should also use your holiday money to get it fixed. Even though the example of accident seems silly, it could happen to you by your car. Thus, when one asks why we need car insurance, the answer is the car itself.